Christopher Ott
Chris Ott, photo by Betsy Schneider


ACLU of Massachusetts
Communications Director, 2007–present

Fair Wisconsin (formerly Action Wisconsin)
Executive Director, 2002–2006 | Interview (2007)

Freelance writer

writing samples

So this is what it feels like to be terrorized, 2016

Same-sex marriage—protecting equality under the law
Boston Globe, 2013

Lab woes call for break from drug war script
Boston Herald, 2012

Bridge disaster shows need for new 'peace dividend'
Syndicated by McClatchey-Tribune Service, 2007

Off track: Air disasters spotlight a need for better train service, 2001

God's own ZIP Code, 1998

Views mine, not my employer's—especially anything that makes you mad

I'm not this Chris Ott, or this Chris Ott (though we're friends), or this Chris Ott.

I went to grade schools in Wisconsin, to UWC-USA, and to Brown University.

I'm on Facebook, covertly on Twitter and Instagram, and trying to give Ello a go.

Photo by Betsy Schneider